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Client Reviews

During my first time with a medium, Johnny, I was unsure of what to expect. However, Johnny's openness and kind manners eased my nerves. The session brought forth several visitors, some of whom were instantly recognizable from Johnny's descriptions. Others, though unclear at first, became much clearer after the session. For instance, one of the visitors had a strong connection to a friend of mine and took some time to connect as to which friend. But afterward, it became clear who the visitor was, and the message she had made much sense. There was another case where the visitor Johnny shared information about didn't seem to fit anyone I remembered clearly, but she made it clear she was there with a message for my mother, which matched perfectly with my mother's memory of a dear, departed aunt. Additionally, all of the inspirational messages I received from Johnny gave me confidence that I was making the right decisions. Overall, the session was impactful, and I highly recommend Johnny to anyone looking to connect with realms beyond our own. He is gracious, wise, and wired in!    - Aaron B

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