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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

There is a wonderful song by Rickie Byars-Beckwith titled, USE ME with the lyrics that say, "God is the love that heals all creation...needs us to shine it's light as me, as you... as you show me all that I must do." It's a very inspirational song that raises my vibration every time I hear it. However, it wasn't until I was doing a reading for a woman that the song truly came to life for me.

I was in class in my early days of my mediumship development. We would take turns practicing our mediumship. It was my turn. The woman and I sat across from each other, and I could sense anticipation with a knowing calm that her experience would not disappoint, which gave me great encouragement and the confidence I needed to do good work. We sat together and I set the intention for Spirit to use me to provide the message the woman needed that day. As I began, her grandmother stepped forward. Through a series of evidential information, she was able to validate that it was her grandmother. We continued and I brought forward meaningful memories that had a joyful impact on my sitter. As we came to a close, I asked the woman's grandmother if she had a message. The grandmother didn't offer one and instead stepped aside and the sitter's mother stepped forward. My sitter was surprised, but excited to see where the reading would go. I offered evidence that reassured my sitter that she and I were in fact connecting with her mother.

As I continued it became obvious that my sitter was pleasantly surprised by her mother's presence. After validation, I asked the mother for a message for her daughter. She provided comfort by conveying that she was at peace and knew when her daughter would speak to her from time to time. The mother could hear her daughter and apologized for not being able to communicate back. My sitter began to cry. As the tears flowed down her cheek, she shared with me how much the message meant to her. She worried for her mother that she couldn't hear her and that she was trapped in misery. I asked my sitter why she would think that her mother would be trapped. It was at this point my sitter shared with me that her mother is still living and in a home for Alzheimer patients. Her mother doesn't speak, and my sitter never saw any signs that her mother heard her when she came to visit. She told me that her mother had been like this for over two years. Even though she never received a reaction, she would still visit and share all that was going on in her life. It did frustrate her that she didn't know if her mother was even aware. I reiterated the message that she was at peace and aware of her daughter's presence and the love she had for her. I could feel a heavy weight lift from the shoulders of my sitter. Her smile as she wiped the tears was all the confirmation, I needed to know it was a good reading.

Through the reading, my sitter was able to find comfort in her mother's message. I was able to learn the incredible importance and life changing work we must do as mediums. When I further reflected on the reading, I confirmed how we are all one with the Universe and how our energy, all connected, is limitless. To realize that the grandmother knew this was important and brought her mother's spirit with her to the reading would be viewed by some as incredible, if not impossible. Spirit is limitless and not confined to our limiting beliefs as a human being. As a spiritual being first, we are not bound by physicality or time.

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